What Remote Working Hubs can do for Businesses

David O’Rourke’s Quick Pick store is a two minute walk from Castlecomer Enterprise Centre and the footfall it creates is much appreciated by the second generation shopkeeper who last year celebrated 50 years in business in the shop known locally as ‘The Gem’.

“It’s great that the powers that be provided investment and support for the Enterprise Centre. It’s up to us as businesses in the town to make sure we attract people in, that we provide the goods and services they need.

“We very much appreciate the custom the Enterprise Centre beings and it is particularly busy at lunchtime when businesses there or people attending courses there pop in to our hot and cold deli, for teas and coffees or groceries.

David ORourke Outdoors

“The closure of the mines and the brick company were huge blows to Castlecomer. But they have also made us more resilient and appreciative of what we have. We are fighters and we are great to support local business. It would be hard to find a town in Ireland with so many small businesses, all of which are being supported in the local community. We still have our local bank, eventhough we’re only 16 miles from Kilkenny.  It’s all because local people appreciate and support local.

“We’re grateful to have a great library, a hotel, a golf course and fantastic local businesses, all of which are inter-connected. We fight above our weight and several generations of people here have always supported local, spent locally.

“Quite a number of people who left here have come back. And having the Enterprise Centre here means they can separate work from home on remote working days and collaborate with others. Far too many people got very isolated during COVID. Having the Enterprise Centre here means they have a working base, a social outlet and the additional services they need to ensure that towns like Castlecomer remain viable and have a future.“