Shop Kilkenny 2023 Announced

We’re excited to introduce ShopKilkenny, a collaborative effort by the Kilkenny Local Enterprise Office and the Kilkenny County Council. This program is designed to inspire everyone to shop locally this Christmas season.

What is ShopKilkenny?

ShopKilkenny is a program dedicated to championing our local businesses and promoting the benefits of shopping within Kilkenny city and county during the festive season.

Why Shop Local?

As the holiday spirit fills the air, let’s highlight the importance of supporting our local businesses. When you choose to shop within Kilkenny, you directly contribute to our local economy and help create job opportunities for our community.

Discover Local Treasures

Kilkenny boasts a wide array of unique, locally-made goods and wonderful gift options perfect for this holiday season. From handcrafted treasures to delightful seasonal treats, you’ll find something special for everyone on your list.

Stay Updated & Get Involved

Stay tuned for updates, exclusive offers, and insider tips by following the #ShopKilkenny hashtag on various social media platforms. Let’s celebrate this festive season by supporting our local economy.

ShopKilkenny. Support Local. Keep it in the County.

Make a difference by choosing ShopKilkenny. Your support for local businesses this Christmas season truly matters.

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