New York Times Spotlight on Ireland and Kilkenny

The New York Times brings the spotlight on Ireland. Director of Service Sean Mckeown talks about the history, infrastructure and potential for businesses in Kilkenny.

In this New York Times article, Kilkenny heads up page 9 as Mr Mckeown talks about how Kilkenny stands out from the rest. He covers many topics, including the history of the county and the many opportunities in top companies that the city of Kilkenny can offer.

Sean McKeown
Sean McKown, Director of Services

Sean finished the interview by speaking about the vision for Kilkenny, telling us that Kilkenny city and county are a central part of Ireland’s Ancient East. The only constant is the constant change taking place with an aim for future-ready society.”Our vision is a society where everyone who invests, lives and works is welcomed and valued.”

This article was made by the Brussels Research Group, which aims to create content that leads to discussions that can create new potential in the market. The full report on Ireland was released in the New York Times on the 12th of October, and links both to the piece on Kilkenny and the full article are below.

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