Loanitt Mortgage Webinar

Loanitt Mortgage Manager Chris Wright hosting two sessions to provide valuable knowledge hints and tips around mortgages.

On Tuesday the 21st at 1:00 PM, join the ‘Getting Mortgage Ready’ session where Chris Wright guides first-time homebuyers on preparing for their mortgage application. Starting this process early is crucial, and will provide clear guidance and top tips to position you well for the best mortgage options.

Then, on Thursday the 23rd at 1:00 PM, attend ‘How to Save up to €7,000 by Switching’ session focusing on the current market landscape. Learn about considerations when your interest rate is expiring soon. With various lenders offering different terms, we’ll explain these options and stress the importance of shopping around for the best deal tailored to your circumstances.

These webinars are both 30 minutes long and to register, follow the links below.


Getting mortgage ready – register here.

How to Save up to €7,000 by Switching – register here.