Launch of Full Forward Kilkenny 2030: A Vision for a Sustainable, Inclusive, and Vibrant Future

Full Forward Kilkenny 2030 is a visionary road map of the future for Kilkenny and the plan to create a thriving, sustainable community by the year 2030. Full Forward Kilkenny 2030 is not just a plan; it’s a shared vision. The initiative focuses on various aspects, including community, climate, economic growth, cultural enrichment, and inclusion. With a commitment to improve Kilkenny not just for the investors and tourists but for those who live, work and enjoy Kilkenny.

Through collaboration, innovation, and a deep connection to Kilkenny’s heritage and culture, Full Forward Kilkenny 2030 is the road-map to create a city that residents and future generations can be proud of, offering a high quality of life and opportunities for all. Join us in shaping a remarkable future for Kilkenny!

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