Grow Remote

Grow Remote is a social enterprise on a mission to make remote work visible and accessible to our local communities. Remote working has the potential to unlock thousands of job opportunities from our cities and make them available to people in every town and village in Ireland. Empowering people to live and work where they choose is truly transformative for our communities, leading to more balanced regional development, increased economic activity in rural and regional areas, and a better quality of life for people living in our local communities.


Grow Remote provides a range of services and supports designed to build and strengthen Ireland’s remote working ecosystem. They run fully-funded training programmes for job seekers, employees and managers to equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a remote working environment. Grow Remote also has a wide network of local ‘chapters’, which are groups of volunteers living in local areas who are passionate about harnessing the potential of remote work for their community. The Grow Remote Kilkenny chapter hosts regular social events with the aim of fostering social connection and increasing awareness of the thousands of remote job opportunities that are open today.

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