Clúid Housing Introduces Cost Rental Housing in Ireland

Clúid Housing is excited to announce the launch of a new Cost Rental housing initiative, supported by the Department of Housing, Local Government, and Heritage. This innovative approach to housing is designed to provide long-term, secure tenancy options that are both affordable and sustainable.

Affordable Renting Solution Cost Rental housing is a not-for-profit model where the rent charged covers only the costs associated with construction, management, and maintenance of the property. This ensures that tenants are offered rents that are approximately 25% lower than the average local area rent, making it a more budget-friendly choice.

Eligibility and Application Process To be eligible for Cost Rental housing, applicants must meet certain criteria as outlined in the Affordable Housing Act 2021. Clúid Housing ensures that properties are not over-occupied, adhering to the standard of no more than two children sharing one bedroom per household.

Secure and Long-Term Housing Cost Rental housing by Clúid offers a stable and secure living environment for tenants, with a focus on long-term occupancy. This initiative is part of a broader effort to address the housing needs in Ireland, providing a viable alternative to traditional rental options.

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